Having a website on the internet makes it possible for your potential customers to find you or your company 24/7. Your website is always available to showcase your products or services and answer questions for customers even when you are not available. However, right after getting your website designed, you need to take the next step and find a place to publish it! The next important thing you have to do is find a good and affordable web hosting service that is reliable. At Sysnovo, we ensure that your site will be designed properly and be hosted reliably for the world to see!

What is Web Hosting?
Server Room
Websites consist of files and web hosting is a service that allows your website content to be accessible on the Internet.  Websites are stored(hosted) on computers that are called “servers” which allow internet users from anywhere in the world to access your website by typing in your website’s domain address(e.g. www.sysnovoinc.com ).

Why do I need a hosting plan?

You may wonder why do you need to pay for web hosting services when you can just turn your computer into a server.  Well it’s not that simple. To host a website a dedicated server and a stable internet connection are required. Servers need to be secured, kept cool and maintained regularly to make sure websites stored on those servers are available 24/7. For example if your website is hosted(stored) on your computer and you turn it off your website will no longer be reachable. Unless you have the required knowledge and resources to run a server in-house, chances are you will need the services of a web hosting company.

Types of hosting

When it comes to hosting there are countless companies to choose from. So before you sign up with one there are several things to take into consideration such as

  • what your website needs
  • what kind of hosting services does the company offer
  • what kind of service best suits your business needs
  • budget

You can host your website on various types of hosting services such as

  • Free hosting

While these can be useful when you are making temporary sites, with free hosting often speed is slow, website might often be down and ad banners are added automatically. This is not a good option if you are hosting your business website.

  • Shared hosting

The space on the server is shared between you and other website owners. This is a common and affordable hosting option. Downside being slower speed because the server is shared.

  • Dedicated hosting

This is a good option for websites that need more resources and higher security because only you have access to the server. However, you are responsible for the cost of server operation.

  • Collocated hosting

You purchase your own server. You get full control over the server but you are fully responsible for the server maintenance and operation costs.

What is a website maintenance plan?

When customers buy a website it’s often assumed that once the website is completed and online nothing can go wrong with it. The truth is that technology and software are advancing very fast and websites need constant maintenance and upgrades to make sure they work and deliver the information the way they are supposed to.  Professional web design companies usually offer website maintenance plans that includes regular maintenance of your website and assurance that your website is always online. Prices are usually determined by estimating the amount of hours the web designer will be allocating to your website monthly. Depending on your websites usage and required maintenance, pricing can vary from $50 to thousands of dollars a month.