Convergence Technology

With all of the advances in communications, the real question is: What will it take to make all of these advances practical and convenient? Within the past ten years, we’ve seen cell phones morph into pocket computers with broadband wireless internet, traditional voice service, text messaging, personal and enterprise email, and even video conference calling. Most of these services are also available on your computer through services such as Skype and Google. Even with all of this connectivity, there still seems to be a major disconnect, especially in the business sector.

Most businesses seem to keep all of their communications separate. Cell phones are typically used for voice, with a short email or text message sent from time to time. An ancient fax machine waits quietly in a corner. PCs handle documents and emailing, with Facebook updates peppered throughout the day. Even with all of these devices, we still have an additional wired phone on a desk or a counter. With all of this communication technology, what will it take to really bring it all together and make it boundless? When will it be possible to seamlessly take a phone call from the desk and go mobile at your convenience? Why be tied to a computer keyboard when we have one in our pocket?

There are a number of enterprise-oriented solutions for “Converged Communications,” which aims at consolidating all of these communications methods into a simple, easy to use, and cost effective way for people to reach each other to share information. There are a large number of companies who still have no plans to combine their different communications infrastructures into one device. I see Converged Communications taking off once everything has become seemlessly combined onto mobile devices, with an easy way to move conversations between mobile, home, and office devices.

I want to hear how you would make it happen! Leave me a comment about your dream device!