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jPlayer: Allow your web site visitors to view videos regardless of what browser or platform they’re using.

As the curators of the web, we have to make sure our web design services offer the greatest possible reach. With various competing platforms and countless applications on consumer devices, it becomes a challenge to deliver platform-independent content. This is especially true with rich media content such as videos. Some users have flash plugins and can easily view flash content, while others have trouble and are prompted to download plugins or to download a modern browser. Our friends at happyworm addressed these concerns when they started the jPlayer project, which is now one of the best ways to deliver video to web audiences!

Site visitors will be able to use HTML5 or Flash to view videos that use jPlayer. It’s an HTML5 player that uses a comprehensive media library for jQuery and takes advantage of HTML5 audio, video, and Adobe® Flash® media capabilities. jPlayer can be easily customized via CSS and HTML code and provides an extensive API for the implementation of web based media regardless of platform.

Sysnovo web design services are heavily based on HTML5 solutions because they offer a wide range of benefits and flexibility. Contrastingly, Adobe Flash is proprietary and requires a special plug-in to function and devices such as the iPhone don’t even support it. Both technologies have a user base and as web developers, our main concern is to ensure that all users can easily view content.

jPlayer is the completely free and open source – MIT & and GPLv3 – media library written in JavaScript. It provides fallback support for HTLM5 as well as Flash. If the users have a modern browser, the video will play using HTML5 features, and if they don’t, it will revert to Flash. jPlayer also enables playback using Flash, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6 onward, Safari Mobile, Android browsers, and even BlackBerry and PlayBook browsers. It supports MP3, WAV, MP4 in AAC or H.264, Ogg Vorbis/Theora, WebM and FLV. It’s a great tool for web designers and a great asset for businesses and individuals looking to deliver their content to a wide-audience using rich media.

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