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Intorduction to Google Dart and its role in Web Applications

The focus at Sysnovo is to stay on the cutting edge of all things development and provide superior web design services for our clients. Dart is one of the tools that allows developers to create rich, scalable web applications for modern browsers.

Integration has always been a problem for non-endemic developers. It’s difficult to learn a new language or familiarize yourself to new syntax. It’s always been a dream to create a single platform that is platform independent and works across all devices with ease. Java was one of the only interpretive languages that gained traction and its success can easily be shadowed by the concepts that Dart aims to instill in developers.

As modern browsers like chrome take center stage in nearly every device we use, they being to play a critical role in information delivery and application reach. Imagine delivering applications that are scalable, fast, and powerful running on every device you own. Think about it, today’s browsers can still render the first ever web pages uploaded to the internet. It’s a powerful notion to think that applications would not only be platform independent, but also what we refer to as obsolescence resistant. In addition, the language and the syntax would only become more powerful and modular. This is what Google Dart aims to achieve. The project was in technical review when we began to put it to the test with a materials tracking application. It was fairly straight forward and easy to use. Dart can run in the browser and the refresh button will compile your code! It’s class based, single inheritance, object-oriented language so any developer can pick it up quickly. It also ships with it’s own editor that helps you get started quickly and it runs on client and server. It features 60FPS, The key feature of Dart is that it compiles to JavaScript, which makes it platform independent and compatible with the hundreds of millions of modern web browsers in use today. This allows for rich, immersive, and fast apps that can be developed by large teams and scale for fortune 500 companies.

With seemingly every device out there with a screen using a web browser, the power and impact this tool can have quickly becomes obvious. The best part is that Dart is open source and includes a wide verity of libraries so try it out at You can even download a version of chromium that runs a dart virtual machine, which Google calls dartium.

Check out Blossom to see a sample of what Dart is capable of.
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