In today’s ever so connected world, making yourself easy to reach by smartphones is a must. Simply having a store with some attractive advertizing and good products isn’t enough to be a top business, at least not one realizing its full potential. With smartphones and so many businesses which operate online-only, you need to be able to offer an edge. Having a physial store with employees who provide customer interaction is much more expensive than those who operate online-only. Having a physical store does offer the benefits of instant gratification, something web businesses aren’t able to provide. Making yourself known and accessible is just what being easily accessible by mobile can help you with.


Anytime you have information you’d like someone to walk away with, have a QR code next to it. You never know who will scan it for later use. There are also a number of businesses who post phone numbers and web ordering sites by their ordering windows. I know I’ve used them quite a number of times at some of the take out places I frequent. I’ve found it easy to gain an edge on a line by putting in my order from my phone while everyone in line in front of me is still waiting. Something I took away with my order – a convenient way to place my next order, already stored in my phone for my next use.

We here at Sysnovo understand and appreciate how difficult is can be to make yourself known, which is why we’re here to offer you everything you need to gain an edge with mobile access. From websites to order tracking and more, we’ve got everything you need to provide a memorable and convenient experience for your customers.

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