When you are looking for professional web design in Los Angeles, you don’t need to look any further than Sysnovo. Web design and web development are at the core of what we do and most importantly, we always use the latest design techniques and technologies. You want to choose a web designer that create a responsive design for your website and make sure that your website is accessible on mobile devices. Check out Forbes list of top design trends of 2014 that seem to be prevailing in the web design and graphic design marketplace. The list includes some of the main attributes that you should look for in your website design. Here’s a quick summary:

Responsive Design

One of the best web design tips in 2014 would be to have a website built with responsive design. Sysnovo only builds responsive web sites in order to keep your website and your web content relevant. Even if you’re selling items online and are heavily involved in E-commerce, we can build a responsive web site for your purposes. Responsive sites adjust to the width of the screen that the website is being viewed on. For example, the website will be full-width on the desktop monitor, but shrink and change layouts to adjust to a mobile phone screen. This is also very important in search engine and SEO results. This sophisticated web design technique creates a professional web design for your business or organization. Any professional web design company should be able to deliver this feature for your website and ensure that your website is SEO and SEM optimized.

Simple Design

KIS! Keep it simple! Simplicity is key to communication and conversion. With simple web design and web development layouts, you can be sure that your message is getting across. With so much competition for potential customers’ time and attention, it’s important to keep your message simple and deliver it effectively. However, you must make sure that your web design company of choice can avoid being generic as well. That’s where Sysnovo web design shines! We create simple and professional web sites and web designs that are captivating, but not bland. We’ve performed A/B testing to test our designs and layouts and make sure that we are delivering the best web site design in Los Angeles.

Storytelling Design

Storytelling is a major part of the web design process. A web site doesn’t only have to be simple, but it has to tell a story and make it fun at the same time. This is why a web designer is critical to your success. A web design firm like Sysnovo will storyboard your website to plan layouts and navigation that’s intuitive and meaningful. The story needs to be well-thought-out so that your audience and customers can remain engaged. A good web design company should be able to deliver this for you and pair it with search engine optimization to attract the correct audience to your web site.

Professional Web Design Should Be Easy

With your new found knowledge of these three design trends, you can begin shopping for the right web designer to create your beautiful website or eCommerce store. Remember that a professional Los Angeles web design firm could easily create a website for your with all of these attributes, but you need to be selective. The company you choose shouldn’t even have to be told that they need to do this. At Sysnovo, all designs are created with responsive and mobile-first design in mind. Our professional web sites also follow simple design and communication guidelines, while effectively sharing your story on the internet. Sysnovo consulting offers professional web design in Los Angeles and can design your website for you and help you create a responsive and effective website or eCommerce store.

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