Today, successful SEO strategies have to incorporate brand building, mobile optimization, content marketing and social media. It’s not enough to just worry about your keywords and meta-tags. A professional web development company always takes search engine optimization ( SEO ) and search engine marketing ( SEM ) into consideration when building and designing a website or an online store. It’s important to look for the following five characteristics of SEO in the partner you choose to build your online web solution for you:

The Three Pillars of Effective SEO

Links, content, and social media are crucial to SEO success. It’s important to create helpful and useful content that is shared on social networks. The important takeaway is that these social feeds and links must be of high quality. If the professional web design firm that you choose doesn’t understand this, there may be major consequences in the form of diminished search traffic in the future. Sysnovo provides SEO and SEM solutions that allow you to focus on providing valuable content and generating revenue from your online store, rather than worrying about your page rank.

Digital Maturity of Content Marketing

One of the buzzwords in SEO and search engine marketing is “content marketing.” It’s a way for companies and organizations to build value in their brand by creating content and delivering it with focus and effectiveness. The content must be focused in order to resonate with the audience and drive traffic and sales. Many of the top internet marketing firms in Los Angeles are now able to tailor content and target it in a manner that improves your ROI. The marketing team at Sysnovo has helped numerous companies achieve this by creating strategic internet marketing plans and executing them with defined results.

Mobile Search Optimization

Here’s that term again: Responsive Design. It’s critical to your page rankings and with the release of Google’s Hummingbird updates, it becomes even more important. Web design firms tend to create sites that don’t have any responsive features or fail to take a mobile-first approach. At Sysnovo, we design every site with mobile in mind. All sites are responsive and optimized for mobile platforms from iPad to android phones. This is something you need to demand from your online solutions provider and is no longer “optional.”

Build Your Brand, Not Your Links

Don’t get caught up in link building and the dispersion of your content, rather than focusing on the content itself. This is a mistake that is made by entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. The key is to focus on your brand. This is why an internet solutions partner like Sysnovo is vital. In order to focus on delivering the content of your brand and the message that you want your audience to receive, you need to find capable and experienced partners that can help! SEO and link building shouldn’t be your primary focus. The message is simple: Focus on creating and developing your brand or product, and let us bring emphasis to it with our years of experience in SEO best-practices.

Social Media, Especially Google Plus

It’s no secret, Google wants to win in the social media space. The Google Plus services is a way for Google to put greater significance on social vetting and mentions to determine the ranking and relevance of sites. This is why it’s important to have strong social media marketing presence. Building your brand and allowing people to share content will help your ranking and build traffic. The best part is that it will increase your conversions since more people will find you credible if you have built a community around your brand and are vetted by followers.

Sysnovo offers online solutions that guide you in developing your SEO plan. If you’re looking for a professional internet marketing and web design company to help you with your SEO and SEM strategy, get in touch with us! Let us do the technical work and free yourself to focus on what’s really important, building your brand.